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Hello, I'm Hazel, also known as the SEO Accelerator, and I love supporting solo and small business owners, freelancers, and consultants to make more sales naturally.

My SEO strategies have generated 10s of millions of sales for my clients and I'm now sharing these exact same strategies in my value-packed step-by-step training courses to help smaller brands grow faster, quicker.

➨ Can you imagine how much healthier you and your business would be if your website worked as hard (or harder) than you?

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Website Sales Booster

⇒  Want a proven organic traffic accelerator that will help your business grow faster, quicker?

🔥 When you buy the Website Sales Booster, I'll give you instant access to 19 step-by-step lessons to increase your visibility and popularity in search so that you make more sales with ease for life which means that you don’t have to spend thousands of pounds on ads or give up half your life to social media.


Free SEO Checklist

Want to discover what you need to do to escalate your Google rankings and increase your sales?

🔥 Grab your copy of my FREE SEO Checklist which gives you a list of practical improvements you can work on so that you'll be found by large numbers of your target customers online.

Download the checklist now ⇩ 

Power up Your Google Presence

Want an easy way to attract local customers, the ones who would benefit from your services or your products the most? 

🔥 Learn how to easily create a powerful Google My Business listing so that you rank right at the top of Google and attract clients - effortlessly.


Optimised Monthly Blog Package

Want a no-effort solution that attracts your target customers to your website and compels them to buy from you?

🔥 Receive two fully researched, optimised and published blog posts each month that represent your business appropriately, engages with your customers, and accelerates your business growth. We even add in a social media post for you to share on your social media channels.

Want ALL of the blogging benefits with NONE of the blogging effort? 

The SEO Accelerator

Want your website to RANK on page 1 of Google so that you REACH more new customers, and you REAP the rewards and benefits for a lifetime?

🔥 My signature solution can make this a reality for you and help you turn your website into your hardest-working sales tool.

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Keyword Research Mini Course

⇒ Fed up with creating amazing content that very few people read? 

🔥 This value-packed mini-course will help you discover your best Keywords and show you where to use them so that your content gets RANKED by Google and READ by lots more of your ideal customers. 


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